How To Clean Your Ice Machine Naturally

How to clean an ice maker naturally
Infographic How To Clean Your Ice Maker Naturally

Ice Maker and Ice Machine Cleaning and Descaling Solution by PurTru™ is the only all-natural non-toxic pure & clear ice maker and machine cleaner and descaler solution on the market. Protect your family against harmful toxic chemicals found in other ice machine cleaning and descaling solutions. Gentle and effective nickel safe green formulation extends life of ice makers and ice machines while improving taste of all types of ice. For best results follow the step by step instructions and descale and clean maker or machine once a month.

Step by step instructions for descaling and cleaning ice makers & machines below:

Cleaning Ice Makers & Ice Machines:

Step 1: Prepare Ice Maker or Ice Machine. Remove any visible contaminants off the exterior and interior of lid on Ice Maker using PurTru™ Cleaning Solution on a microfiber clothe.

Step 2: Add PurTru™ Ice Maker & Machine Cleaning Solution. Pour one quarter (four ounces), or one-use utilizing indicator lines, bottle of PurTru™ Cleaning Solution into the ice maker or ice machine reservoir and fill with water.

Step 3: Run Descaling & Cleaning Solution. Run one full reservoir with solution through your machine making and discarding batch of ice.

Step 4: Discard Remaining Mixture and Rinse. Discard any remaining mixture of solution and water from reservoir and fully rinse water reservoir. 

Step 5: Run Fresh Water Through Machine. Fill water reservoir with fresh water and run through machine 3 times making and discarding batches of ice.

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