How To Clean Your Dishwasher Naturally

How to clean your dishwasher naturally

Infographic How To Clean A Dishwasher Machine Naturally

Dishwasher Cleaning and Descaling Solution by PurTru™ is the only all-natural non-toxic pure & clear liquid dishwasher cleaner and descaler solution on the market. Protect your family against harmful toxic chemicals found in other dishwasher cleaning and descaling solutions. Eco friendly green formulation contains no harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach while providing enough strength for cleaning, descaling and sanitizing. Effective plant-based clear and odorless solution eliminates foul odors and restores dishwasher to like new condition. For best results use every month or as needed to reduce costly maintenance and repairs.

Step by step instructions for sanitizing, descaling and cleaning both the inside and outside of dishwasher machines below:

Cleaning A Dishwasher:

Step 1: Prepare Dishwasher by removing any visible contaminants off the exterior and interior of door on dishwasher using PurTru™ Solution. 

Step 2: Add Descaling & Cleaning Solution by pouring one quarter (4 ounces), or one-use using indicator lines, bottle of PurTru™ Solution into the detergent and rinse aid reservoirs of the dishwasher. 

Step 3: Run Pre-Soak Cycle Descaling & Cleaning Solution. Run the pre-soak cycle with the PurTru™ Solution or, depending on the dishwasher, follow the manufacturer cleaning instructions. 

Step 4: Run Heavy Wash Cycle.  Run a heavy wash cycle with the PurTru Solution or, depending on the dishwasher, follow the manufacturer cleaning instructions.

General instructions are to follow manufacturer cleaning instructions for the dishwasher.  Add ¼ or 4 ounces of PurTru™ Descaling & Cleaning Solution and set to heavy wash cycle.

Cleaning The Inside Of Door And Detergent Reservoirs On Dishwasher:

Clean inside of dishwasher door and floor by making a mixture of 2 parts water to 1 part PurTru™ Solution.  Using a cloth wipe down the inside of door and floor of the dishwasher. 

Clean dishwasher detergent reservoirs by wiping down the areas using PurTru™ Solution. 

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