How To Clean Your In-Freezer Automatic Ice Maker Naturally

Refrigerator Ice Maker

How To Clean An In-Freezer Ice maker Naturally

Cleaning and sanitizing the ice maker in the refrigerator freezer is not something we regularly think about doing.  There are many reasons and benefits to cleaning your automatic in-freezer ice makers.  First, it will extend the life of the maker and prevent costly repairs.  Secondly, and more importantly, this process will prevent your ice from looking cloudy, smelling and tasting weird.

For this reason, in-freezer automatic ice makers should be cleaned on a regular basis.  Bacteria and other harmful contaminants can form on the ice maker components over time causing the ice to look, smell and taste weird.  Cleaning and sanitizing your automatic ice maker will not only extend the life of the ice maker it will also improve the taste, look and smell of the ice it makes.  Conventional ice maker cleaners contain harmful contaminants such as bleach, ammonia and phosphates.

When cleaning machines that make ingestibles such as ice, using conventional or other recommended cleaners like bleach, can be extremely harmful to you and your family.  Use PurTru™ Ice Maker and Machine Descaling and Cleaning Solution, the only all-natural non-toxic pure & clear ice maker and machine cleaner and descaler solution on the market. Protect your family against harmful toxic chemicals found in other ice machine cleaning and descaling solutions. Gentle and effective nickel safe green formulation extends life of ice makers and ice machines while improving taste of all types of ice.

For best results follow the step by step or manufacturer instructions to clean your in-freezer automatic ice maker on a regular basis.

Cleaning In-Freezer Automatic Ice Makers:

Step 1: Turn Off Automatic Ice Maker and Remove Bin.   Turn off your ice maker by either lifting the metal bar or by switching on-off switch to off position.  After the ice maker has been turned off, remove the bin with ice from the freezer and dump out ice.

Step 2: Use PurTru™ Ice Maker & Machine Cleaning Solution.  Rinse bin with warm water and then add one quarter (four ounces), or one-use utilizing indicator lines, bottle of PurTru™ Cleaning Solution into the ice bin and fill the rest with warm water.  We recommend wearing disposable gloves when using the cleaner to avoid any direct skin contact.

Step 3: Wipe Down In-Freezer Ice Maker Components.  Dip cloth in bin containing solution mixture.  Wipe down the in-freezer components thoroughly and then immediately fully dry them with a dry cloth.

Step 4: Discard Remaining Mixture and Clean Bin.  Discard any remaining mixture of solution and water from bin and thoroughly clean and rinse ice bin using PurTru™ Cleaning Solution and warm water.  After cleaning dry off ice bin completely. 

Step 5: Replace Ice Bin and Turn On In-Freezer Ice Maker.  Ice bin is now ready to be replaced in your freezer.  Make sure all in-freezer components are dried off thoroughly and replace bin.  Turn on in-freezer automatic ice maker by either lowering metal bar or switching the on-off switch to on position.

Your ice maker is now sanitized and cleaned and ready to make clear, fresh smelling and tasting ice.

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